Bye-Bye Paterson, Says The President

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It's time to say goodbye, David

It's time to say goodbye, David

Like Colin I was leaning towards writing about another, less weighty subject this weekend.  I guess we both got an extra jolt from the paper, along with our morning cup of joe (coffee that is, not Walker).  Rather than focus on the President-as-TV-Star, I looked to the corner of the front page of The New York Times and saw this headline: Paterson Says He Will Run Despite White House Pressure. At first I thought, “Wow, look at Obama sticking his nose in New York’s business when he has bigger fish to fry, like putting on some pancake and hitting the Sunday morning talk show circuit (this is why I don’t get out of bed before noon).”  But as I read a little more and reflected on Paterson’s track record since taking over for the disgraced Eliot Spitzer, I nodded my head with a resounding “Yes He Can!”  

It is no secret that Paterson has turned what could have been a political legacy into a political nightmare.  As the first Black Governor of the State of New York,  he had the opportunity to do great things and lead the way for other minorities to follow in his footsteps to the Executive Mansion.  

Time and time again he has screwed things up for the state, and the Party.  He has had the lowest approval rating since the Marist College Institute of Public Opinion began surveying New York governors. Paterson has not only ticked of voters with some of his choices (raising SUNY/CUNY tuition for one), but the party as well (his choice of Kristen Gillibrand to replace Hilary Clinton and snubbing Caroline Kennedy in the process, for another).

Then in August, he goes on the radio and has the nerve to blame his problems on race.  As a black woman I’m embarrassed for him, since he doesn’t seem to be embarrassed for going there himself .  He decided to publicaly play the race card last month (and drag the president in his rant while he did it) yet in April, a Quinnipiac Poll said that a majority of voters think he doesn’t deserve re-election and should announce that he’s not going to run. A month later another Marist Poll found that 51% of voters would rather have hooker-happy Spitzer back in Albany.

Rudy Giulliani will wipe the floor with Paterson, should he decide to run for Governor, as it is rumored he will. Paterson doesn’t really stand a chance to win a second term as Governor regardless, so why keep beating on a dead horse.  When the President of the United States sends a message that it’s time for you to take your final bow, when he obviously has other more pressing issues to deal with, it might just be time to admit that the fat lady has sung her last song.  Perhaps someone needs to lead Paterson to the exit door at stage right, since he can’t seem to find it himself.

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  1. carla.murphy

    21. Sep, 2009

    Why does a president need the New York governor to be in the same party? I’m still not clear on why or how the New York gubernatorial race affects the WH’s plans.