Jobs Report Strong In Comparison to What?

Posted on 07. Dec, 2009 by in Uncategorized

Are this month’s lowered jobless reports really anything to celebrate?  So unemployment has made .2% dip, down to 10%.  This is still the highest jobless rate in the last 26 years.  And lets also consider that the jobless rate doesn’t give an accurate picture of how many people are unemployed; those numbers only cover the numbers of people filing new unemployment claims, not those who are already on the roles and have also maxed out their compensation.

As a graduate student, about to receive my masters degree, these numbers put more fear in my heart than they do to console me.  Fear that I may have to take a serious cut in pay when I get back into the job market, or go back to a field where I was miserable, just to keep food on the table.  Fear that I may have to give up the one bedroom apartment I’ve been renting for 13 years, which ultimately gives way to the fear that after living on my own for almost two decades, I may be forced to move back home and live with my parents.

And thanks Barack, for telling me what I already know, it’s could get worse before it gets better. But I’m not sure that I can wait until the forecasted shift from jobs being cut to jobs being added, expected in the coming spring. By then I will have moved back home or resigned myself to a life of crime.  And since there isn’t a market for big girls on the stripper pole, I will probably be selling drugs.

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