Thanks for the Memories

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In the past three months I’ve learned a lot about opinion writing.  I’ve learned first and foremost that having an opinion and being able to write about it coherently are two entirely different things.  I’ve learned that it’s easy to piss off your readers and not so easy to get them to think, hmm, I never thought of it that way.  I’ve also learned that mustaches and seal claps are not a good look for some people (some of whom need to realize this for themselves).  And I’ve also learned that writing from what you know can go a lot farther than writing about what you think you know, or what someone else thinks you need to write about. At this point I can honestly say – while I’ve learned a lot more about the Obama presidency that I might have originally intended, I still know nothing about politics.  I don’t understand the need to make a fuss about the simple things in life, or to unnecessarily complicate what should be simple.  I don’t understand how the need to make someone else look bad (or taint their legacy) can out way the need to do the right thing. And I don’t understand the need to call someone else out for flaws that we all possess, just because the other person’s dirty laundry is visible and our is not.

So to politics and the Obama Blog I say, thanks for the memories.  I’m glad for the learning experience. Because what I have learned is that I have no desire to write about politics although I think my opinion could be useful in another space.  Just as long as its not a column discussing Tiger’s Wood.

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Dear Politics . . .

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I remembered how much you love roses and my really awesome penmanship.

I remembered how much you love roses and my really awesome calligraphy skills.

Dear Politics,

You and I have been dancing around this issue for a while now.  And despite our best efforts to keep up appearances, we just can’t avoid the truth: it’s just not working out between us.

So, I think it’s best that we just take a break and see other people.  Maybe we’ll realize that we’re meant to be together, or perhaps we’ll find that special someone that clicks better for us.

Nevertheless, I just want you to realize it’s not you, it’s me – – I see writing about politics is a lesson in futility because the subject itself is futile.

Obama, the man who was going to bring change to the nation, fell in line with the previous administration’s military strategy of “fighting them over there, so we don’t have to fight them over here” by sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.  He proposed a revolutionary health care bill that the Senate bogged down with addendums – – as they tried to quell its catalytic nature.

And the economy is still in shambles by the way.   Just thought I’d throw that in there too.

Yes, I understand that it’s not a good time to bombard you with the content of this letter.  After all, it is still Obama’s first year in office – – so many good things can happen and I’ll miss out on commenting on them.  But, I’m willing to that the risk, at least for the sake of my sanity.

Besides, the clock is slowly ticking on how long supporters can use that as an excuse for stagnancy – – and pundits are ready to criticize him and the Democrats once Americans realize Obama’s lack of progress.  And really don’t want to stick around when the hounds of political hell are fully unleashed on the White House.

You and I both knew that this day was coming.  When I first met you, I was pretty open and honest about my feelings:

I mean, how could I not hate a system that caters to the needs of the privileged and wealthy while millions of Americans remain homeless and hungry?

Why should I care about a government where political squabbling and mudslinging prevents its representatives from dealing with the state of the Union?

Why should I respect a system that fosters lobbyist glad-handing, pork lined Senate bills and representatives more concerned with kickbacks than trials and tribulations of those they represent.

Fast forward three months and nothing about you has changed.  Corrupt politicians continue to serve in Congress despite being pegged for criminal activity.  Republicans chastise homosexuals for wanting equal rights.  And the Democrats just can’t get it right – – no matter how hard they try.  Covering you is suffocating me and I just have to get out while I still can.

I know this is hard to take.  But, it’s for the best.  You’ll realize that as time goes on and when you meet your Mr. Right, whoever he may be.

Just remember the good times, memories filled with Chipotle burrito bowls, midnight Call of Duty sessions on XBox Live and Robert Plant‘s hypnotic voice lulling us to sleep: