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Dear Politics . . .

Posted on 08. Dec, 2009 by .


Dear Politics, You and I have been dancing around this issue for a while now.  And despite our best efforts to keep up appearances, we just can’t avoid the truth: it’s just not working out between us. So, I think it’s best that we just take a break and see other people.  Maybe we’ll realize […]

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The Obama Presidency: A Political Tightrope

Posted on 18. Sep, 2009 by .


I initially set out to write a post about Obama (correctly) calling Kanye West a “jackass.” But during my search for the latest news or updates on Jackass-gate (everything’s a “gate” nowadays, right?), I was struck by something else: the overwhelming, continuous amount of news and commentary about President Obama and race. I mean, I […]

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