I love me some party-crashers

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Sure they are media whores. Sure they are looking to cash in on their stunt. It won’t be long until they make the rounds of talk shows. Till Valerie Bertinelli and the guy who played Will on Will and Grace, portray Michaele and Tareq Salahi in some Lifetime movie. There will be books, there will be signings, God let’s hope there will be t-shirts. It’s annoying, but damn I love them.

Let’s set aside the fact that their party crashing skills are tops. (If the Salahi’s choose to write any book, it should be a Dummy’s guide to party crashing. It be a hit!) Or that the incentive for barging into this particular party, was to film a tryout for the Real Housewives of DC. Total class!

They aren’t much different than most of reality tv obsessed America. Trying to come up with any stunt, any crazy- camera loving behavior for those glorious 15 minutes of fame.

But the Salahi’s took it a step further than even Balloon Boy and his crazy parents. Not only did they manage to humiliate the media: (SORRY COLIN I MUST CUE THE SALAHI/KATIE COURIC PIC)
Their spotlight hogging stunt helped uncover the shameful inadequecy in White House security. Imagine that. Anyone with money, time, and enough creativity can go face to face with Obama and shake his hand.

A senior Secret Service official said a “top-to-bottom” review of the agency’s protective department was ordered shortly after Obama began his term amid the highest threat level for any recent president. The results are due soon, spokesman James Machin told the Washington Post.

The gap in security is really the main focus in this tale of fame and money. The Salahi’s will eventually go the route of Balloon Boy and fly away from our collective minds. But the secret service should remember the moral of this tale and make up for it quick. Next time, who knows what the pretty blonde might be hiding under her sari.

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