Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

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Turkey day is almost here. I love every single thing minute of that meal down to the food coma that makes me collapse on my bed by 10. Hell, I love it so much I am celebrating it with two meals this week.
On Saturday at the Stop and Shop in Astoria, shopping carts were already loaded with Butterball Turkeys and all the dressings. Food is as much an American tradition as the football game on Thanksgiving night, or watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve. We love our food; every fatty drop of that gravy, every ounce of butter that makes those mashed potatoes so wonderfully fluffy.
This gets me thinking how we (Americans) love to indulge, we never really think about the consequences of what we put in our mouths, and figure “hell, this turkey n’ gravy is great. I’ll just pop a Lipitor if my cholesterol goes out of whack.” There are few examples of a mainstream push towards preventative medicine.
One example, NYC. Bloomberg has cut down on our smoking habits, banned trans fats from the food we eat in restaurants, and pushed for more bike lanes all around the city. But these are moves are far and few between. You can still smoke in bars in New Orleans, from what I remember of that hazy night. There are more fast food restaurants than sit down places in the shopping strips surround Akron, Ohio.

Providing health care for all Americans is a great step forward. Finally people my age will be covered whether through the public option or through private insurance. But the reason I never made a move to cough up 300 bucks a month for insurance, was because I’m a relatively healthy young woman, much like most of my peers. I don’t eat Mc Donalds (except that one time out of desperation with Walker), I exercise regularly, ok I drink and smoke, but I think I should be good for a while. But what about so many others, who have picked up all of these habits, and intend to stick with them for many years to come? Sure their bodies can handle the intake of nicotine, fats, and no exercise now, but where will they be in 20 years?
There needs to be a national push towards preventative methods of caring for ourselves. Bloomberg has been very successful in curbing many of our bad habits. Efforts like his should be implemented throughout the country. Otherwise, in 30 years we will all be paying for the unhealthy lifestyles of people in my age group.

So Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Enjoy your Turkey and gravy (I know I will.) But try to hit the gym the next day and make it a habit.

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