Things I'd Rather Not See

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President Barack Obama at Dover Air Force Base

 Sometimes Rush Limbaugh should just keep his mouth shut.  As usual  he was all over Obama’s trip to Dover Air Force base to view the bodies  off fallen soldiers coming back Afghanistan this weekend.  For once  he should be able to look past his drama-queen leanings towards  starting controversy where it doesn’t exist and just see someone who is  trying to find his way in the midst of a tough decision. To call it a  photo-op that our president saluted the coffins of the dead men and  women who died for this country is just foolish tripe.  Perhaps Obama  just wanted to give those soldiers their due, for sacrificing life and  limb so that the rest of us don’t have to.

I believe Obama’s visit was an attempt at a reality check.  Death often isn’t real to people until they have a first hand account of it, and going to Dover to witness the return of our lifeless soldiers will be something that sticks in his mind as he makes his decision to commit more troops to a war we cannot win.

Our current president has handled all of his public appearances with the dignity and class befitting the office that he holds.  This is not something that can be said of some of our previous Commanders-In-Chiefs. Photo-op or not, there are some public appearances that will always tug at the heartstrings of the american public.  And then there are others that just make you wonder, what was he thinking?

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  1. carla.murphy

    02. Nov, 2009

    I’m not cynical enough to presume that any president uses the bodies of the fallen as a photo-op. Not saying that can’t happen, just saying that’s not my default. With Bush, contrary to the over-the-hill-testosterone pic above, I never doubted that he cared deeply about committing so many lives and wounded to Iraq’s battlefields.