Bad Republicans

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While I understand that Republicans need to find a way to show their disapproval for the issues they disagree with, sometimes I wish that they would respect the priviledge that they possess, just a little bit more.  For the first time in my life, I’m actually interested enough in politics to pay attention to the political process and when I watch these speeches on television the thought does cross my mind that one day I would like to have the priviledge of sitting in the the visitors gallery to listen in person.

So it bothers me when I see shots of politicians on television texting on their black berries like hyperactive teenage girls as if it doesn’t behoove them to pay attention.  They seem so disinterested I start to imagine that they are texting their down low lovers making arrangements for clandestine meetings when their work is finished for the evening. With thumbs poised over the keyboard I can just about see the exchange in my mind ….”What are you wearing?….I’m horney too….let’s hook up after the show…let’s check out that boy bar over by Catholic University.”

But that’s not even the height of what I feel is the inappropriate behavior of disgruntled Republicans at a Presidential address.  Let’s take a minute to discuss South Carolina Senator Joe Wilson’s outburst when he decided it was a good idea to call the president a liar.  Wow, I didn’t know they let attention-seeking frat boys on the Senate Floor. Apparently he’s never taken a look at the House of Representatives Committee Rules.

In the section entitled Decorum in the House and in Committees, Under clasue 1(a)(1) of Rule XI states “It is …the duty of the House to require its Memebers in speech or debate to preserve that proper restaint whch will permit the House to conduct its business in an orderly manner and without unnecessarily and unduly exicting animosity among its mMemebers or antagonism from those other branches of Government with which the House is correlated…” and specifically states that one should not call the President a “liar” (for anyone who wants to check out the complete list of rules:

After reading this I am more shocked and appalled by the behavior of some of our representatives and just thank god it was no one that represented my state.  I understand that our last president gave everyone a reason to play a little fast and loose with the rules but what makes this even more inappropriate is that there are cameras rolling and Joe Wilson could be heard by millions of viewers acting like a high school football player who’s just been acussed of giving a cheerleader the clap in front of all his friends. Go get tested Joe, and if she’s wrong, get a copy of the results and shove it in her face.  Otherwise you just look like the class idiot who forgot to use a condom.

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