Is America's Love Affair With Barack Obama Over Already?

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Photo: AP

Photo: AP

According to David Brooks of the New York Times, the numbers say yes – – he states that President Obama’s job approval rating is down 20 points to about 50 percent.  Also, 59 percent of Americans now think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

And you thought I was cynical.

When Barack Obama spoke of hope and change while on the campaign trail, the American public slopped it up like Grandma’s Sunday gravy.  But, now that the bloom is off the rose, well, America is ready to abandon the man they so wholeheartedly supported just some 9 months ago.

Why such a dramatic turn in such a short period of time?  Perhaps it is due to the difficulty many have deciphering Obama’s health care plan.  (Thanks to Collin Orcutt for finding the CBS News poll.)

Maybe it has to do with the media’s pessimistic outlook on the economy.

Or perhaps these numbers actually show the American public’s inherent inclination towards fickleness?

Here me out before you light the torches and gather the townsfolk to rise against me.

For eight years, America was trapped in the dark and dismal catacombs that was the Bush Administration.  By its end, the economy was in shambles, the country was embroiled in a war many believed wasn’t unnecessary and people were simply fed up with G. W.’s 8-year reign of terror.

Then he appeared on the political landscape, like the rotating beacon atop a lighthouse that cuts through the dense layer of midnight fog- – Barack Obama.  He came on the scene without warning,  like a bolt of lighting just before a major thunderstorm, wowing the public with his charm and charisma.  Obama was the anti-Bush in both policy and presentation – – a man that could handle any quip, curveball or question thrown at him without breaking a sweat.

It was then that the love affair with Barack Obama began.

People made faddish t-shirts saying “Obama Is My Homeboy”, sold 5×7 portraits of the candidate and his family and posted viral YouTube music videos dedicated to Obama’s greatness.

Americans lauded the refreshing tone of his message and his uncanny ability to turn a phrase.  They embraced his ideas of hope, change and the re-affirmation of the American Dream.  And, most importantly, they turned out in droves on Election Day to ensure his victory.

But for many along the way, Barack Obama became more than just a man running for the highest office in the world – – he became almost God-like.

And the public believed that once he was in office, Barack Obama was going to save America from its downward spiral into desolation.  He was going to fix the faltering economy, establish a lasting and reliable health care system and bring all of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan home, all before the end of his first day in office.

Unfortunately, no one on Earth can live up to that level of expectation.

After his first 100 days, the American public realized the undeniable truth  – – our newly elected president cannot fix America overnight.

People began speaking out against Obama, calling him a socialist and a fascist.  America’s love affair with Barack Obama was over as dramatically as it began.

CNN gave Americans a chance to grade Obama’s first 100 days in office.  The result: C+.   And they gave him the same grade 100 days later.   Now come the sobering numbers found in David Brooks’ op-ed piece.

Do you see the fickleness now?  I think you do.

Shame on you, America, for giving up on Obama much too soon.  Even I’m not that much of a pessimist.

3 Responses to “Is America's Love Affair With Barack Obama Over Already?”

  1. Carla

    09. Sep, 2009

    so glad you took this position. i’m always amazed by the level of responsibility that citizens, in collusion with cultural commentators and the news media, hand off to the president. he’s the executive of a democracy, not stalin part ii. i wonder how “the president” came to accepted as “fixer of all things.” this wasn’t always so throughout the country’s history was it?

  2. robert.voris

    09. Sep, 2009

    Who says they’re giving up on him? His approval numbers are down and people think that the country is moving in the wrong direction. Couldn’t it be that his approval numbers are down because the work of governing involves active disagreement? No one mentions this with polls, but when legislation is being actively debated, poll numbers almost always decline, because those on either side of a debate feel that they’re being picked on by the opposition. The less gets done, the higher the approval rating, since everyone gets to wallow in their safe little corner of the sty. And as for the country moving in the wrong direction, since when is that Obama’s fault or even his concern? Couldn’t that be because a lot of the left is concerned that health care either won’t get accomplished or will be passed in a pale, gutted form? That doesn’t mean they don’t support Obama or his policies. In fact, the people who support and lionize the President most might make up a large cohort of those that think the country’s moving in the wrong direction. Polls are horseshit, the political reporting equivalent of reading tea leaves or astrology.

  3. nicholas.martinez

    10. Sep, 2009

    Never said that it was Obama’s fault. Upon reflection, I now think the problem has to do with a lot of middle Americans believing in what they are being told by Fox News, the ignorant Republican pols and Rush. Those people who effected the drop in the approval rating must have been the on the fence conservatives that thought McCain was going to be another Bush and voted for Obama to end the cycle. Now they are nothing more than ditto-heads that caused a domino effect in the poll. I bet they never believed in Obama in the first place – – they just saw a bit of Bush in McCain and ran the other way.

    And let’s face it – – the Southern Red states just want a reason to hate a Black President.

    Now that the dust settled and the Republican party is fighting the good fight (so to say) against Obama, it’s okay to return to the status quo and, for lack of a better term, tow the party line. Yes, it pained me to write it but I couldn’t think of a better metaphor to use. Sue me.