The President is coming to a school near you

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Healthcare isn’t the only hot topic coming up this week. From Dallas to Miami, dozens of parents have threatened to keep their kids from attending school on Tuesday when Obama’s back-to-school speech will be aired. Some parents and right-wing politicians have gone as far as stating that the speech is a totalitarian ploy to brainwash the innocent minds of our children.

Jim Greer, the chairman of the Republican party of the state of Florida said in a statement last week, “the speech would be using taxpayer dollars to indoctrinated America’s children to his socialist agenda.”  However,  the Miami Herald reported that parents with children heading back to school in the Miami Dade area will not be allowed to remove their kids from school, in order to avoid the dreaded speech.

The Herald interviewed Marta Perez, a parent in the Miami-Dade area who said, “To force students to sit in a classroom where it’s easy to get students because they’re in school, because it’s a captive audience, and to even send out lesson plans — it’s reminiscent of totalitarian governments like Castro.”

Meanwhile the White House claims, “The President will speak directly to students around the country about the value of education and the importance of staying in school as part of his effort to dramatically cut the dropout rate.” As reported by the Miami Herald.

Here’s what I think. And before all you Democrats out there start wagging your fingers at the right, you should know we exhibited similar behavior when Goerge Bush Sr. did a telivised anti-drug, pro-school speech for school kids in 1991. If you out there are really afraid of what will be televised on Tuesday morning, the White House will provide a script a day in advance on its web page. That way you can see in advance what will be spouted to your kids. Just get over the fact that the other guy won and allow your kids to witness government in action. Even if you don’t agree with what he has to say, this is an opportunity for kids to become part of the political discussion.

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  1. robert.voris

    07. Sep, 2009

    Or pull your kids out of school and keep them from being exposed to different points of view, evolving their ideas and becoming stronger for having done so. It’s your choice. Just don’t bitch about the world not caring what you think when you’ve removed yourself from the conversation.