The Obama presidency is becoming a distraction…

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Or so many progressives are feeling today, since learning that noted human rights activist Van Jones resigned from his advisor role to the White House’s environmental advisory body.

Van Jones

That probably reduces the number of bona fide progressives in Obama’s inner circle (if being an advisor to an advisory body can be said to be “in”) to those filed away in that multi-million-member voter database of campaigning yore.  And the Dems only trot them out when they want to compare dbase size with the Republicans.  This time, Fox’s Glenn Beck had an “Oh yeah?!”

Glenn Beck on Van Jones

Beck–who comes across like an earnest 1950s child star-turned-televangelist–crucified Jones for being a communist. Though, the real aim of his 10-minute sermon though was to flog Obama for not purging his administration of radicals like Jones.  Thing is, I’d venture that most political commentators including Beck, are at a dead loss to name the “other radicals” in Obama’s administration.  The notion is just too silly to take up.

Oh, wait: Birthers. Socialism. Hitler incarnate. Never mind.

Jones claimed in his resignation letter that staying on in his post would distract from the healthcare fight.  Perhaps.  Although the better part of me agrees with Bill Moyers who said last Friday that, “too many Democrats have had their spines surgically removed.”  Since when does anyone back down from a fight over their good name?  Jones associated with a Marxist group while in San Francisco, yes.  But he did so to advocate against police brutality (not a good thing in Beck’s book?), not organize the overthrow of these United States.  Shoot. Back in April, Texas’ governor called for his state to secede.

There’s something Swiftboat-esque about Jones’ (and the Obama administration’s) cutting and running behind Beck’s accusation.  There can’t be too much more of the same if Obama expects to do anything productive in the next 4 years.


3 Responses to “The Obama presidency is becoming a distraction…”

  1. Joe Walker

    06. Sep, 2009

    When I found this on Breit Bart, I thought it was going to be really inflammatory, and ended up just kind of astounded by the sensitivity.

  2. Carla Murphy

    07. Sep, 2009

    There’s a reason why Jones has become a “name” over the last few years. Listening to the video, I can see why. I agree with Howard Dean… getting rid of Jones is a loss for the country. One thing I also liked about Jones, in addition to his progressive politics, is that he’s very rooted in young black America and their age-specific concerns. What I don’t understand is why this administration is willing to sacrifice its good catches to the theatrics and sideshow antics of Glenn Beck who strikes me as a performer if ever there was one.

  3. robert.voris

    07. Sep, 2009

    Jones can always go back to his successful non-profit work and advocacy. Part of governance is politics, and while Jones did nothing (in my opinion) wrong, he was cooked politically and not high enough on the food chain for the administration to spend energy saving. Plenty of good can be done outside the central government, and I don’t think Jones is anywhere near done doing good work.